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  • Over one billion people in the world live with less than a dollar a day;
  • Each day 24 thousand people die because of starvation;
  • 10% of the children in developing countries die before reaching 5;
  • There are about 100 million homeless people;
  • People spend 40 times more on cosmetics than with donations;

Some people don´t have the same opportunities in life you have. And if you can do something to help changing a little bit of their stories, why not?

Amor é um movimento”  is a nonprofit organization that works raising money to pay debts or to invest on the dreams of people who, for some reason, can´t afford to do so.     

People sign up for the site and after filling their personal data, they tell their story, explain why and what for they need help and why they couldn´t pay for the debts. After that the site will post these information so that everybody can see it and help. These procedures work the same way for the investment part.

As the name says, this is about love. Love has the power to change the world radically, and it has to start with us.  It´s a simple way to help dreams come true, to restore hope and faith, to show people you care, to love unreservedly.

“When you cease to remain silent, you prove that with your voice you can really change the world.”

“I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I can´t do everything I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”