We´re living days that leave us no room for excuses or waiting.

God has called us to establish His kingdom on Earth, to bring hope and salvation, to help the needy and above all to LOVE. A love that can break down the walls that have kept the church from doing what it was called to do.

This love needs to come from the inside out, it has to burn in our hearts as we encounter with the living God, who is a God of love, who created us with love, who gave it all for love…


It doesn´t matter where we live or where we came from. Cultures are different, languages are different, but in Jesus we´re the same. He called us for the same reason, to do the same thing, in different places.

Every single person has a part to play. There is nothing too small or too simple. You don´t have to be famous, popular or charismatic. You just have to be available
We´re all responsible. This is our call, this is our purpose and the time is NOW.