In one of the latest news I read about the tragic case in Rio de Janeiro, a website brought an interview with some former classmates of the shooter, talking about his behaviour while he was still a student. Everyone said he was a very lonely person. He didn´t like to interact to others and was always isolated.

The word isolation called my attention and made me think about our situation. Today is very easy to isolate. We´re well served of  everything we need with just a click. We´re the “I” generation. Everything is for me, it´s what I want, what I need…we´re so immersed in this individuality that we don´t even realize that we´re pushing people away. And what is worse, we don´t care they are not around. We´re losing our way with people and becoming experts in relating with machines…

And then on days like these people ask where is love…

Actually on days like these I ask what happened to love?

What have we done with it? What does it mean to you anyway?