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Two aussie friends, Jonno Durrant and Stefan Hunt, sharing the same idea: to surf some swell, experience foreign culture and most importantly, land a helping hand. That was the basic recipe to what has become an incredible journey trough 50 states of USA, Mexico and now the 28 states of India and they´ve shared part of this story with us. A story that proves that even the smallest and most ordinary actions can make a huge difference in people´s lives. Check it out!

What is this project and how did it start?

Surfing 28 States: India is the collaboration of our two previous film projects – Surfing 50 States: USA and Somewhere Near Tapachula. Surfing in all 50 states of the USA and a story about an orphanage in Mexico where the kids surf, respectively. Then we decided to go to India to surf all of their 28 states while undertaking some humanitarian projects along the way.

What impact these projects have caused on you?

The 54 children from Mision Mexico, the subject of ‘Somewhere Near Tapachula’ seriously feel like my brothers and sisters now. Asha Mission was an inspiring orphanage just when we needed a pick me up. Going To School got us excited about the impact that art can have on sending a positive message. 88 Bikes and Free The Slaves reminded us what a good life we have and what a great help we can be to others. The Thin Green Line made us love the environment and the people that protect it even more. Waves For Water forced us to go out and help the clean water crisis instead of waiting around for permission. Our Home and the Surf Ashram proved once again that surfing can change lives!

How is the response? What have you accomplished since you started?

We managed to surf in all 28 states of the craziest country I have been to in under 3 months! We have been raising money for all of the 8 organizations we worked with in India, but it is early days yet.

What projects are you working on now?

Trying to edit this project for TV.

What´s your next stop?

Hopefully a few TV networks around the world.

And what love means to you?

God, helping others and forgiving others…even when it is hard!

Over the last 7 months the boys have toured the film throughout Australia and the USA raising over $100,000.00 for Mision Mexico. The inspiration behind this project is a result of their time spent at Mision Mexico, realizing the need to lend a helping hand to those in less fortunate, and how rewarding it can be. “This trip is more about giving than taking.” – Jonno and Stefan.

For more stories about their adventures, visit their blog!