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It´s been a while since the last post. In the meantime I´ve been thinking about everything that was done and written here. We´ve shared stories of some great people that are doing amazing things around the globe. And honestly, I hope it has inspired you.

And that´s why I would like to encourage you now to think about your role in this process. Everything that it´s done here it´s to show that opportunities are here, everywhere and specially, there´s room for everyone. So I invite you to take a look at everything that was shared here and consider what is next. How do you fit in the moment? What can you do?

These people are already doing something, but there´s a lot more to be done. 

Be encouraged to go deeper, to do greater and better…and really understand that you´re part of this movement. There´s something that only you can do….find out what it is.

Love is not easy, but it´s possible….make it happen.