Do you remember what you´ve eaten today? And yesterday?

In Brazil, 14 million people can´t say the same, because they´re regurlary hungry.

Do you have any idea of how this can damage a child´s future?

Because of that, the brazilian NGO “Amor é um movimento” has planned an action to take place this week in three of the main cities of the country. The action is pretty simple: on september 30, volunteers will be strategically placed over the city asking people to give their lunch money away so that they can feel, for one day, how these people live everyday. This is also an opportunity to call people´s attention to the hunger problem in the country.

All the money raised during the action will be donated to Actionaid, an organization that works at over 40 countries fighting against poverty for 38 years. Actionaid develops works in partnership with local communities and organizations, to bring alternatives and garantee the access to basic rights, such as food and education, to these people.

Maybe you cannot join the action that will take place here in Brazil. Probably you don´t live near. But you can do that in your part of the world. Maybe you won´t be able to gather as many people as a NGO would do. But still, you can do something. You can talk to people, you can donate, you can use your talent, your habilities and your creativity to change something in your part of the world.

We´ve shown you one possibility, we´ve shared once action. You´ve heard the problem.

Would you dare to do something about it?

Love is a movement…….