A lot has been said about saving, taking care and keeping a healthy environment. Yes, everybody is talking about the planet and how important it is that this generation learns how to preserve the place that other people will inhabit.

Without taking that for granted, cause I really understand the importance of doing this, I´d rather think about what else are we keeping and saving for the next generation? Is that it? It´s just about a healthy planet?

What kind of legacy are you leaving? What are you going to be reminded for? What have you done today so that the next generation can enjoy it? What have you been building?

I´m not expecting that you have the answers to all these questions. I personally don´t! But I do hope that you think about them. What are you sowing?

A little piece of the song that inspired me to think about that…..it´s called Seeds, by Brooke Fraser.

What will you live to do?
What have I left for you?
What will we leave behind?”