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“Life is a journey. A big mysterious journey. Sometimes you know exactly where you are going, and some other times you have no clue at where you are headed. You get at a crossroad and have to choose your way, and maybe you feel at loss. Some decisions we make will mould the rest of our lives, just like the decisions we won’t take.


This new year will be a year of hard work for us, our boat has just set sail and we don’t really know if we’ll ever make it to the other shore. We are far more interested in the journey, as it’s along the way that the most amazing things will happen. Of course doubts and fear are always there, buzzing in our minds and tempting us to come back.

There is no turning back. Once you’ve left, you can only move forward. Life will never be the same anyway.

We do hope you’ll enjoy your journey this new year, whatever is it and wherever you are headed. May it be filled with hope, dreams and love”.

Extracted from Thelonelywalkers´blog